Answering Supply Chain Top Concerns

According to a recent “Global Chief Supply Chain Officer Strategy Survey” by Eyefortransport the top concerns for supply chain professions are demand forecasting, cost reduction, and inventory optimization.  Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) can single-handedly disrupt even the most judicious supply chain forecast due to its lack of flexibility, inability to cope with demand variability, and certainly doesn’t address cost reduction. What options do companies have when negotiating down the initial MOQ or when the Standard Package Quantity (SPQ) still doesn’t fall within their desired KPI?

Here at Sourceability, we have developed a proprietary and customizable program that directly combats all three of these supply chain stresses. Sourceability believes, through innovation and technology, we can enhance your supply chain. Why should you have to be forced to use a quantity dictated by a component manufacturer or distributor if it doesn’t match your business needs? Because each situation is unique, our program offers four different tailored solutions to meet your desired results. Our MOQ Management program reduces the quantity past the SPQ down to the exact production ready quantity forecasted. Reach out to your  Sourceability representative or email me here so we can show you how we create results that have a positive effect on your bottom line.