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Welcome. My name is Jens Gamperl, and today I want to introduce you to Sourceability, a company I started in May of 2015.

Sourceability is an alternative to traditional electronics distribution. We develop technology which allows our customers to operate in and navigate the electronic component market, providing them with the best opportunity to find success. The backbone of Sourceability is quality and logistics. We have invested heavily in our global distribution centers in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Miami. Each distribution center is supported by regional offices to maintain an understanding of customer supply chain needs. Sourceability will continue to innovate, building upon their initial success by investing in their core beliefs that have made them successful: Innovation, Customer Empowerment, Integrity.

The main reason why I started Sourceability was my knowledge of our industry and their leaders. After leaving AMPT, I recognized that none of the existing distribution companies were willing to start a technological disruption in our industry. I identified several reasons why people were not willing to invest in a digital transition and thought that it was time for somebody to step up. In order to make sure that Sourceability could kick off a transition like this in our industry, I had to make sure that we understood the core basics of this business. I started the company as a traditional distributor with world class warehouses, inspection labs, strategic purchasing and sales teams, and of course an IT team that was willing to challenge a whole industry. Besides the technology, it is always human capital that drives a company to success.

I am convinced that the core team at Sourceability, a team hand-picked by myself, are the best, brightest, and most promising leaders in our industry. The team is well versed in my strategic vision and goals. However, a vision simply cannot succeed without partnerships. The partnerships are about our customers and suppliers, so everyone at Sourceability will strive to ensure that they deliver the best experience in any aspect of the business.

Eighteen months into the business, I find that my vision and strategy are working as intended, as we now have a presence in 9 markets globally with over 140 staff. My excitement grows daily by the progress I see throughout our organization, and I am convinced that Sourceability will be the company recognized for starting the shift of our industry into the digital age. This is what drives me every day, and I hope that it will inspire you to join us on this journey we are about to embark on. Let’s start a revolution.

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