A little bit about Dev Rai, VP of Global Purchasing, Sourceability

Dearest Reader,

I’m Dev Rai, the VP of Global Purchasing here at Sourceability. Today, I want to tell you about why I joined Sourceability.

When Mr. Gamperl first approached me in 2015, he presented me with many ideas that he had. I believed in his vision, but I also believed that with over 16 years in the industry, I could further contribute my input to help get Sourceability on its way to achieving it. Fast forward to 2017; we have a fantastic pipeline of things to come. We will always innovate with technology and never settle for second best.

I’ve come to learn that the only way customers and suppliers were going to trust us is if we can put our best foot forward 110% of the time. That is why I ensure that I lead the team by becoming a role model they can follow. The best leaders I know have always led by example.

I was asked to end this with one piece of advice for anyone who might be asking to who or what I attribute the success of Sourceability. I would say that it’s a combination of determination and good leadership. Good leadership does not tell its staff what to do. They inspire their teams and managers to strive for the success of the organization. Thankfully we’re all on the same page here at Sourceability, and we will ensure that it stays that way for many years to come.

Dev Rai

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