Sourceability Announces Newly Signed Distribution Agreement With Lelon

Sourceability Announces Newly Signed Distribution Agreement With Lelon Electronics Corp.

New franchise line will enhance Sourceability’s distribution and e-commerce businesses. Sourceability is proud to announce a newly signed distribution agreement with Lelon Electronics Corp. Lelon’s electrolytic capacitor line will broaden Sourceability’s product offerings globally. Lelon’s products will be immediately available through Sourceability’s global sales team as well as its e-commerce marketplace, Sourcengine .

“We’re thrilled to partner with Lelon Electronics Corp. and expand our offerings of electrolytic capacitors,”said Jens Gamperl, CEO of Sourceability. “As Sourceability continues to grow rapidly, quality suppliers and business partners like Lelon will be a key to our success.”

About Lelon Electronics Corp.: Following the company’s motto- Quality, Service, Innovation and Responsibility, Chairman T. C. Wu has focused all resources toward the development, the manufacturing and the marketing of electrolytic capacitors since Lelon’s establishment in 1976.

For the past years, Lelon has had dynamic growth and has kept developing products that fulfill market demands. “Lelon” has been a renowned global brand of electrolytic capacitors. Moreover, Lelon has become one of the major manufacturers of electrolytic capacitors in the world.

About Sourceability: Sourceability develops technology that allows our customers to operate in and navigate the electronic component market, providing them with the best opportunity to find success. The backbone of Sourceability is quality and logistics. We have invested heavily in our global distribution centers in Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany and Miami. Each distribution center is supported by regional offices to maintain an understanding of customer supply chain needs. Sourceability will continue to innovate, building upon their initial success by investing in their core beliefs that have made them successful: innovation, customer empowerment, and integrity.