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Chilisin Electronics Corp

About Chilisin Electronics Corp.

Chilisin Electronics is a leading provider of current sensors, power inductors, and passives. Since its establishment in 1972, the company has grown and now has a global workforce of nearly 10,000 employees. The firm is headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, and its footprint extends into Asia, Europe, and the United States. It has 13 production sites in Greater China, Malaysia, Poland, and Vietnam.

What kind of products does Chilisin offer?

Chilisin makes products for the consumer electronics, 5G, server, IoT, data center, automotive, telecom, and utility industries. The firm’s output includes EMI beads, common mode chokes, power inductors, antennas, LAN transformers, RF-LTCC components, and resistors.

What are some examples of outstanding Chilisin products?

The company continues to innovate, and one of its recent additions, the BSPQ series thin-film RF inductors, exemplifies that ethos. Using cutting-edge photolithography technology, the line has an optimal coil structure and a Q value of 20. To provide manufacturers with the broadest range of design options, it offers many BSPQ inductors with an optimum resistance range of 250mA to 600mA.

Another excellent Chilisin product is the FB423226B-Y7-N. The surface mount bead is part of the company’s FB series with a high current carrying capacity and similar impedance tiers. The line is suitable for use in flow or reflow soldering mechanisms and comes with a unique design for surface mounting. The bead is also substantially more resistant to heat and humidity. It is applicable in stereos, car radios, smartphones, VCRs, computer disk drives, and PC boards.

The CS0402-11NJ-S is a ceramic chip inductor in an SMD wire wound package that comes with an excellent Q value. The chip has a non-magnetic coil which ensures utmost thermal stability, performance, and batch consistency. It is designed for filtering, impedance matching, resonance, and choke circuits for RF designers due to precision wire winding technology. The SMD chip has GPS receiver, base station, repeater, wireless LAN/ mouses/ keyboards/ earphones, and remote control applications.

In addition, the CLH1005T-4N7S-S is a ceramic chip inductor in the CLH Series made with world-class multilayer technology. It has an outstanding Q factor and can handle high-frequency applications. The inductor also features strong SRF properties and a small form factor that makes it ideal for small portable devices.

Moreover, CLH1005T-4N7S-S supports operating frequencies up to 6GHz with inductance values of 1.0nH to 470nH. The inductor has applications in RF resonance and impedance matching circuits, RF & wireless communication, information technology equipment, computers, telecommunications, radar detectors, automotive electronics, cellular phones, and keyless remote system segments.

Product Categories

Power Inductors
EMI Common Mode Choke
RF Signal Inductor / Antennas
Resistors & Current Sensors