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SMART Modular

About Smart Modular

Smart Modular Technologies is a pioneer in designing and manufacturing special memory and storage solutions, such as DRAM modules. Set up in 1988, the firm has its headquarters in Newark, California, and an employee strength of nearly 5,000. It has manufacturing units in Malaysia, the United States, South Korea, and Brazil. Some of its subsidiaries are in the Czech Republic, Scotland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

What types of products does Smart Modular offer?

The corporation manufactures electronic components that are suitable for automotive, aerospace, computing, data center, communications, gaming, industrial, defense, office appliance, and networking sectors. The product portfolio includes flash memories, MASK ROMs, memory ICs, secondary storage controllers, microcontrollers, DRAMs, SRAMs, peripheral ICs, OTP ROMs, and flash storage. Some of its products are known to eliminate the risk of memory reliability failures. The firm offers many customized solutions for the complex networking needs of the telecom sector by providing telecom companies scalable, high-performance memory and data storage options that have lower latency and boost the signal’s integrity.

What are some examples of outstanding products from Smart Modular?

DRAM modules by Smart are popular because of the long-term reliability they provide, meeting the demands of industrial applications. The DDR5 value series provides rigorously tested DRAM modules. Following are some more examples of superior Smart products:

ST2047UD410893SC: this electronic component is an unbuffered dual in-line memory module (DIMM) that is useful for telecommunications, media, computing, and networking. It has an integrated error correction code that helps in detecting and rectifying common types of internal, data-corruption instances.

STI5126UD451893SF: it is an unbuffered DIMM that has an operating temperature ranging between -40 deg. C and +85 deg. C. The device has a conformal coating that preserves printed circuit boards against moisture, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. The component is suitable for the surveillance, defense, industrial, aerospace, telecommunications, healthcare, and IIoT sectors.

SPI1026UV351838SE: this is an unbuffered DIMM applicable for telecommunications, media, computers, and networking. It has an industrial temperature range of -40 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees Celsius. It features an 8-gigabyte capacity and 240 pins.

SPI5126UV351838SE: this is an unbuffered DIMM that can be used in telecommunications, media, computers, military, aerospace, monitoring, medical, the Internet of Things, and networking. It can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 to +85 degrees Celsius in an industrial setting. It has a capacity of 4 GB and 240 pins count.

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