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Sourceability's countdown to Electronica

Electronica 2022 is coming and we're bringing you the latest news on what to see and how to prepare.

The Final Countdown: How to Get There

That’s right, everyone, it’s the final countdown! Electronica is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to see you.

As we prepare for the first day of Electronica, we thought we’d go over our checklist together. The Messe München building that Electronica calls home is a massive place that’s over 160,000 square meters with 14 halls and 2,300 exhibitors inside. It’s easy to get lost!

Thankfully, the amazing Electronica Fair staff have an app with important information about the show and maps. You can download the app directly or manually depending on your phone. Either way, we suggest you download the app or map so, you can easily find your way around Electronica.  

Map of Messe München

Since Electronica is so big, we once again recommend bringing comfortable shoes and a refillable water bottle. There will be plenty of amazing sights to see from the many exhibitioners and the best way to enjoy them is by being comfortable. Stay hydrated and take plenty of breaks throughout your exploration. If you stop by Sourceability, you can watch some of our demos while you recuperate!

For visitors and Munich natives alike, take the time to read over Electronica’s rules and recommendations about traffic while attending. Those who plan on driving to Electronica will be able to park in nearby free parking lots or those that pay 100 euros will be allowed to park on exhibition grounds. If you plan to park within the exhibition grounds, a time limit for parking will be given. If you leave before the time limit runs out, you will be reimbursed. If you go beyond the allotted time frame you will not.  

If you are an exhibitor, be sure to refer to Electronica’s entry regulations for the different parking lots around Messe München. Certain areas only allow loading and unloading during specific time frames or require you to book in advance.  

There are other ways to get to Messe München for those not planning to drive. Public transportation is readily available for a small charge such as the subway, train, and taxi. The Messe München will be next to two subway stops at Messestadt West and Messestadt Ost on the U2 line. For those attending events at the Messe München Conference Center Nord, you will need to use the Messestadt Ost exit.  

Remember, above all, to have your ticket ready and available. If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, you can do so here or at Electronica in person. We highly recommend buying your ticket online to take advantage of the lower cost by doing so. If you can’t or forget, that’s not a problem since you will be able to buy tickets on-site any day of the event.  

We can’t wait to see you at Electronica! Make sure to stop and say hello to us in Hall C2 at booth #379! If you can’t make it to Electronica, don’t worry, you can reach out to our knowledgeable experts any day of the week at Sourcengine.

We packed our suitcase for Electronica!

10 Things to Pack for Electronica

We’re less than a month away from Electronica. In preparation for the biggest electronic components trade show of the year, it’s time we talked about what to pack. Many of us are traveling internationally and no matter how much of a globetrotter you are, it’s good to go over the basics.  

As we at Sourceability pack our own suitcases, here is our list of 10 things to put in your travel bag.  

1. Business Cards  

Over 2,300 exhibitors will Electronica this year. QR codes and email subscriber lists are the way of the digital age, but you’re guaranteed to run into someone asking for a business card. As you make your way around the booths and marvel at the demos, it’s important to make sure the ones you like remember who you are.    

Giving out a business card is one of the few ways you can make sure you receive a call once the trade show is over. If you don’t have time to scan a code, hand out a card!  

2. Camera  

A picture’s worth a thousand words! There will be plenty of amazing sites to see around and inside of Electronica’s sprawling halls. Whether your camera’s built into your phone or you have a Nikon D3500, make room for it. After all, you might run into someone handing out prizes for using company hashtags when you post that selfie!  

3. Plug Adaptors and Chargers  

Ever been on a long road trip when you realize your phone charger is sitting at home? Let’s make sure to triple check our bags for our items’ necessary chargers. That means for phone, laptop, tablet, battery, and any other electronic item you’re bringing.    

For our out-of-country travelers, make sure you bring the correct plug adaptor for your charging cords. Germany’s power outlets are compatible with plug type F, which is the same plug used in most European countries.    

4. Comfy Shoes  

Did we mention there’s going to be over 2,300 exhibitors at Electronica? You’ll have plenty of time to cover the entire show in the several days it takes place, but that means you’ll be on your feet a lot. Take the time to find a pair of nice shoes that can carry your feet in pillowy comfort for hours.    

Ever heard of the Disneyland test? Let’s just say if your shoes can’t withstand a trip to Disney, they’re best left in the closet. For those traveling long hours via plane, the same rule applies. Comfy shoes are a must!  

5. Passport and Tickets  

Many of our Electronica attendees and fellow exhibitors are visiting from out of the country. While the inclusion of a passport and transportation tickets may seem redundant, many times the mad dash for the airport gate or train platform gives many a case of forgetfulness.    

Be sure to take time to set aside your passport and necessary tickets with your luggage. It is important to make sure they are safe, but also easily accessible for presentation to airline security and transport staff. They are the worst things you can lose if you don’t.  

6. Water Bottle  

Believe us, you’re going to need it. Many of us leave home without a refillable water bottle only to be thirsty hours later. Most of the time there is no water fountain available, and Covid-19 is still a prominent concern. The only other option is usually buying overpriced water, usually due to demand.  

Staying well-hydrated while exploring the best the industry has to offer is a must. The best way to do that is bringing along a refillable water bottle you can use and refill when needed.  

7. Laptop or Tablet

We covered chargers earlier in the list, now it’s time for the devices themselves. While the goal for long travel should be to carry light, especially with weight restrictions on airlines, bringing a computer is important. Many are traveling during the work week with the goal of exploring new partnerships with other electronic components companies.    

While using your phone to access sites is easy, taking the time to explore a new company’s site on a larger screen makes the difference. Likewise, most of us have subscriptions to video streaming services on our devices. So, if you want to watch something from home before bed you can! No need to flip through the channels on cable television you aren’t familiar with.  

8. Airplane Cushion  

Are you starting to get a theme here? Comfort is key. Traveling out of your hometown itself can be stressful. Optimizing your Electronica experience from the minute you walk out of your home, to the minute you unlock the door upon returning should be stress-free. To do that, make sure your travel days are as enjoyable as you can make them.  

One of the simplest ways to do so? Invest in a portable and firm airplane cushion for those traveling long hours to meet us at Electronica.  

9. Notebook and Pen  

QR codes and hyperlinks are the way of the future, but if your phone dies or your charger gets left behind you need something else. With the large number of exhibitors lining the halls, you might end up forgetting which link goes where and which company’s representative really took the time to speak about their products with you.  

The best way to keep track is a notebook to write down your, you guessed it, notes!  

10. Toothbrush and Toothpaste  

Finally, the items that make or break a trip are a toothbrush and toothpaste. If you forget them, you can always buy new ones, but you can’t always determine when you’ll have the chance to do so. Brushing your teeth, along with other essential toiletries, is often overlooked (much like our semiconductors before the shortage). Yet, it’s the simplest thing that can make you feel better after a long day.  

To save yourself a headache, no matter how small this may be, remember to pack a bag devoted to your needed toiletries.  

We’re excited to see you all at Electronica. In order to have the best experience, prioritize comfort above all. We can’t wait to see you in Hall C2 at booth 379! And if you can’t make it, no problem. Drop by our site today and say hello.

Sourceability’s Electronica Giveaway!

Electronica is just around the corner! We are in the final days before the biggest electronics exhibition of the year so let’s recap everything we are excited about for Electronica so far.  

The gorgeous and historical city of Munich, Germany where Electronica is being held has many stunning sights to see and explore. We listed our top 5 favorite locations around Electronica to view when attendees are outside the convention center’s doors.

Inside Electronica, Sourceability will be in Hall C2 at booth #379 from November 15th to 18th. Once there, Sourceability will be joined by Sourcengine, Quotengine, and Datalynq. Sourceability’s knowledgeable and talented staff will be ready to answer all questions you may have on how to make your supply chain run smoother and more efficiently with the aid of our digital product suite.  

Now for the fun part, Sourceability is having a giveaway!  

When you approach Sourceability’s booth #379 in Hall C2 you can receive a scratch-off ticket for a chance to win one of three E-bikes! We will be giving away one bike per day for three of the days, but bikes aren’t the only thing you can win!

With the scratch-off ticket, you have a chance to win any number of prizes for each day of Electronica. Make sure to stop by the booth often, as you don’t know what you might win! All you have to do? Scratch the ticket and win the prize!

We hope to see you at Electronica from November 15th to 18th at booth #379 in Hall C2. If you want to have a more in-depth discussion with our experts, you can schedule a meeting with them now!  

If you can’t make it? No problem, send our team any inquiries here for your personalized quote and support.

Munich, Germany

Top 5 Locations to Visit in Munich, Germany During Electronica

It should come as no surprise that the beautiful city of Munich has a lot to offer beyond Electronica. While writing down your plan’s itinerary we encourage you to explore all the city has to offer during your downtime.  

Munich is full of delicious restaurants, amazing sights, fun bars, and some unusual sites you won’t see anywhere else. Here is our list of the top 5 things to see during your trip to Munich for Electronica.

1. Marienplatz and Karlsplatz

The sprawling pedestrian walkway of Neuhauser Staße between Marienplatz city-center square and the historical square of Karlsplatz is lined with dozens of shops. You can find anything here from retail giant Urban Outfitters to hat shop Breiter Hut & Mode. It has a little bit of everything, whether you're looking for a hot coffee at a quaint café or a new, sleek tie from Hirmer Grosse.

Those that want to visit historical landmarks can get their fill too. This district offers beautiful sights of stunning architecture. Just on the other side of Neuhauser Staße lies Frauenkirche, a gothic church with beautiful domed towers that were restored after being bombed in 1945.  

Those that wish to venture inside can catch a glimpse of Teufelstritt or the Devil’s Footstep within its entrance. This attraction has been around for centuries and survived the destruction of World War II, unlike most of the cathedral’s marvelous interior.  

Whether you are interested in shopping, sightseeing, or a stroll after Electronica’s activities, checking out Marienplatz and Karlsplatz in Old Town is a definite must.  

2. Der Pschorr at Viktualienmarkt

Just a few blocks away from Marienplatz and Karlsplatz is Der Pschorr at Viktualienmarkt. For those that want to get a taste of traditional German cuisine look no further.  

Der Pschorr is a beer cellar and restaurant inside a longtime brewery. It serves classic Bavarian dishes local to the region such as Bavarian pig and beef tartare in a casual and rustic atmosphere. For those that enjoy hearty meals made of beef, pork, and fish, there are dozens of dishes to try. Our fellow vegetarians are welcome here too. Plates of paprika and olive oil seasoned zucchini and eggplant with a side of potatoes are available and just as delicious.  

No matter how adventurous your plate of choice is, be sure to wash it down with a delicious beer or wine from their drink menu. There is a fine selection of bottled and open wines, schnapps, and beer, of course. For those that don’t drink, don’t worry. A list of soft drinks of your choice can be found nestled amongst the beers and wines.  

All-in-all there is a dish for everyone to enjoy that gives you a little taste of Munich’s finest.

3. The Duke Gin Distillery

Off Münchner Str. in Aschheim is a towering brick building with the name “The Duke” above the front door. Inside this massive structure lies a working gin distillery of the same name. Established in 2007, The Duke Distillery sells several flavors of gin and vodka. Don’t worry, for those that want to skip the tour of the facilities and get into the tasting, The Duke Bar is right on the premises.  

The Duke Bar can be enjoyed inside or outdoors on black granite tables with a list of cocktails, wines, and even aromatic coffee to sip with company. If you find you like your drink, you can buy a bottle or two to take back home. Many of the halls and doors have giant glass windows that give you a full view of the giant copper stills used to make the gin.  

Gin lover or not, The Duke Distillery is a fascinating location no one should miss.

4. Eisbachwelle

Surfing in Germany? You bet. For those that think shredding waves are only for California surfer bros and New North Wales beach bums think again. Eisbachwelle in Germany is a continuous wave on the Englischer Garten’s Eisbach River.  

Right off Prinzregentenstaße it is not uncommon to see dozens of surfers waiting to get their chance to jump on the roaring wave. Because it is a year-round occurrence you will be able to see the rushing water any time of year, from the middle of the hottest summer to the coldest winter day. Even being far from the ocean, surfers at Eishbachwelle usually wear wetsuits for buoyancy and warmth.

If you’re looking to enjoy some of Munich’s more uncommon sights, check out Eisbachwelle. Since the river runs through Englischer Garten one can enjoy the park’s quiet atmosphere when you need a break from Electronica’s fast-moving venues.

5. Sourceability at Electronica

Back in action at Electronica for the first time since the pandemic, Sourceability is ready to make a splash. At booth 379 in Hall C2, you’ll get to experience two floors of innovative tech and experienced team members ready to introduce you to our demos. Sourceability will be joined by Sourcengine, Quotengine, and Datalynq with step-by-step tutorials on how you can navigate the complexities of the electronic shortage more easily with these tools.  

If you can’t get a drink at The Duke, you can have one with us. For those of you that cannot make the trip to Munich, you can always drop by the Sourceability site to check us out any day of the week 24 hours a day. We hope to see you soon!

Covid-19 and Electronica: Regulations to Keep in Mind

We’ve been having a lot of fun in the coming weeks preparing for Electronica. There will be dozens of amazing sights to see and people to meet within our industry. As we all come from different parts of the world, we are used to different rules and regulations we must abide by daily.

That includes guidelines for stopping the spread of Covid-19. As we are all entering Munich to enjoy our industry’s advances and technology, it is important we follow the rules in place by the German government and its states.  

Public Transportation: Masks Required

If you are using public transportation within Germany such as the metro, tram, or bus masks are required. The type of mask required for public transport can be either an FFP2 or a medical mask. The FFP2-only mask requirement was lowered as of July 2nd, 2022.  

Indoor Areas: Observe Hygiene Measures

The FFP2 mask requirement indoors has been lifted. The decision of whether or not masks are to be worn indoors is to be left up to store management. As a general rule, masks are no longer required when indoors in the retail sectors and other establishments. Wearing a medical mask and maintaining social distance guidelines are still recommended.  

If entering nursing facilities, hospitals, doctor offices, or other areas where vulnerable groups of people might be present wearing a medical mask, not a FFP2, is still necessary.  

Voluntary Protection Requirements

Mandatory mask requirements for catering events, hotels, and leisure facilities have been lifted. Event organizers can implement voluntary protection concepts per house rules.

This means it is up to the event organizers which rules will remain in place during the duration of the event.

Travel Requirements

Currently, there is no obligation to test or provide evidence of a negative test to enter Germany. If you are to stay in a virus variant area there is an obligation to provide evidence of a current PCR test. This information changes daily and it is important to see if your area has been deemed as a virus variant area.

Travelers no longer need proof that they have been vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19.  

Rules for Covid-19 Positive Persons

Upon testing positive, a person must be isolated for 5 days after the first positive test. After 5 days the isolation can only end after a person has remained symptom-free for a minimum of 48 hours. Otherwise, isolation must be extended for another 48 hours for a maximum of 10 days.

Final testing for a negative result is no longer required except for medical personnel to return to work. After completing isolation, it is recommended that previously infected persons wear an FFP2 mask indoors and reduce contact for an additional 5 days.  

We hope to see you soon at Electronica! Based on these guidelines it is necessary to bring medical or FFP2 masks on your trip. While voluntary and mask-type requirements have been lowered, indoor use is left up to facility management to decide. If you want to make the most out of your visit to Munich, be sure to mask up!

Welcome to Sourceability

It’s good to be back! Sourceability is coming back to the world’s leading trade fair for electronics this November, Electronica! We’ve been hard at work refining our products to show the world what they can do. You’ll be able to see us November 15th - 18th at booth 379 in Hall C2.

As we begin the final stretch in the race toward Electronica, introductions are in order. Sourceability will be attending Electronica with a few friends. Before you meet them at the show, we’d like to tell you who they are and what they’re all about.  



Say hello to the e-commerce marketplace for professional electronic component buyers. If timesaving, cost-effectiveness, traceability, and ease-of-use are on your list for an online marketplace, Sourcengine is your number one pick. It’s time to leave the multiple website searching for components method at the door. Your large component needs will be met by Sourcengine without ever clicking off the website.  

Sourcengine keeps your needs in mind. Easily compare prices, availability, and delivery times between multiple sellers from our extensive franchised lines. Need more information? No problem. Check data sheets, technical product, and compliance information, and, if needed, past alternates for a component.  

You never have to worry about sacrificing quality either. Always expect your order to go through rigorous procurement, quality, and logistics processes based on the requirements of our certifications including ISO 9001. Sourcengine’s suite of digital tools will help you organize data and workflow for better visibility across your organization for decisive supply chain management.  

Our extensive product list covers dozens of components including:

  • Semiconductors  
  • Passives  
  • Electromechanicals  
  • Interconnects  

We’re excited to see you at Electronica and show you exactly how Sourcengine can meet your product needs. No matter if we’re in a period of shortage or excess, you need a tool that can help you combat any problem. If you can’t wait to meet us, send us your entire bill of materials (BOM) for your custom quote today! If you're ready to save time and cost you can schedule a meeting with us at Electronica.



Talk about a tool that’s grown a mind of its own! Quotengine is bound to become your BOM tool of choice. As a part of Sourcengine, Quotengine’s the innovative enterprise quoting and BOM management tool you need. Using Quotengine ensures you have instant access to price and availability from over 3,500 suppliers! And if you find what you need you can buy all the parts on your list in one transaction.  

No hassle, no stress, just a streamlined process guaranteed to cut wasted time out of the equation. Upload up to 4000+ line items all at once to quickly add them to your cart. Can’t find what you need? Submit an RFQ for additional quoting from our experienced global sourcing team. If you need extra help don’t worry. Quotengine offers online, phone, and email support 24/7.  

Here’s what you can look forward to by using Quotengine:

  • Enterprise Quoting Capabilities
  • One Transaction for Your Entire BOM  
  • BOM Management  
  • Price Benchmarking  
  • Product Info  

We’re excited to make your acquaintance at Electronica and show you all the ways Quotengine can integrate seamlessly into your organization to start saving on costs and time. With over 1 billion electronic components to choose from and their Form-Fit-Function (FFF) alternates, you get your time back. Want to get a more hands on learning experience? Schedule a meeting with us at Electronica!



The shortage brought a lot of things to the table, one of the biggest was the vulnerability of the global supply chain. Prone to disruption from natural and man-made disasters alike, one simple problem can wreak havoc further down the chain. Without eyes in the back of your head and all the time in the world, predicting such turmoil is not just difficult but costly.  

Or it used to be. Sourceability is proud to present Datalynq, a market intelligence tool to keep an eye on the fluctuations in the electronic components industry for you. Obsolescence management, lengthy lead times, and raising prices are market risks that existed before the semiconductor shortage and will continue far beyond its end. Datalynq replaces the traditional massive spreadsheets normally used to manage components.  

How? With one simple window and tools that score market availability and design risk. Datalynq’s Market Availability Score supplies a comprehensive view of component obtainability based on information compiled from historical trends, suppliers, and market forecasts. Likewise, the Design Risk Score uses insights from supply data, lead times, and product lifecycles to determine the risks of designing a part in-house.  

What you can expect by using Datalynq:

  • Design Risk
  • Technical Data
  • Pricing and Inventory Trends
  • Market Availability
  • Multi-Source Availability  

Component obsolescence and shortages will never catch you by surprise again. Datalynq is the smart tool for purchasers and engineers looking to avoid time-consuming complications, tedious excel spreadsheets, and production stalls from component shortages. No need to set aside hours to learn how to use Datalynq either. Easy-to-use ratings are formulated in a simple 1-to-5 scale for legibility. If you're ready to take supply chain management to the next level schedule a meeting with us at Electronica.

Datalynq, Quotengine, and Sourcengine will be joining Sourceability at Electronica in November. If you want to learn more come visit us at booth 379 in Hall C2 to experience these tools firsthand.  

Can’t make it? Don't worry! Visit us now and talk with our knowledgeable experts today.