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Sourceability’s Going to the Parts and Materials Management Conference

Sourceability is excited to attend the Parts and Materials Management Conference in Savannah, Georgia, from February 6th-9th and share the best tips and tricks to manage component obsolescence and shortages.

Management and mitigation are essential steps to recovery after the devastating effects of the chip shortage. Sourceability is excited to attend the Parts and Materials Management Conference in Savannah, Georgia, from February 6th-9th. For everyone eager to learn the best ways to manage component obsolescence, Sourceability will help you prepare. You can find Sourceability’s experts in the Hyatt Regency in Savannah.

Our team will have industry experts hosting presentations on Wednesday, February 8th, at 8:30 AM and 10:00 AM.  

“The Shortage Market is Easing Up! Time to Celebrate…or is it?” @ 8:30 AM

Sourceability’s first presentation is one you don’t want to miss. The chip shortage that has plagued the industry for the last several years is ending. Except it’s not. While some chips return to normal production levels, others, such as older chips that are either in low demand or harder-to-produce and other specialty chips, are far from stabilization. High-profit and high-demand chips are quickly approaching normalcy, giving the market a false sense of relief that the shortage is ending. That’s just the beginning.  

Instant obsolescence of some components, meaning components dropping off a manufacturer’s catalog before a last time buy, is increasing. During this challenging time of easement and scarcity combined with obsolescence woes, keeping a critical eye on the market is beyond imperative. Luckily, there is a way to set up a strategic roadmap that will prepare everyone for any outcome.  

“Does Your BOM Have Too Much Sole?” @ 10:00 AM

Do most of the components on your BOM come from a sole source? If the answer is yes, half, or even a few, then the probability of suffering from shortages and obsolescence increases. The more parts you have that come from a sole source, the higher the risk, which is why preventing your BOM from becoming overwhelmed with too much sole is paramount to success.  

In this presentation, you’ll learn how to avoid overwhelming your BOM with sole sources through good and poor selection examples. These case studies will walk you through factors that affect sole sources, identify parts with fewer risks of becoming sole sources, and decide which of two functionally equivalent parts is more likely to become a sole source. With solid ROI evidence, you will learn how to manage long-term risk versus initial cost easier.  

Our speakers for the conference will be industry experts, Vernon Densler and Andrew Chang.

Vernon Densler is a Solutions Engineer at Sourceability. He has been with Sourceability since 2021 and previously spent 3 years at SiliconExpert and 18 years at Northrop Grumman as both a Systems Engineer and Manager in charge of Obsolescence Management and Spares & Repairs. Vernon holds a BS in Computer Information Systems, Management from Florida Institute of Technology. Vernon frequently speaks at industry events and symposiums, where he can use his experience in the Parts Management field to assist in furthering best practices and the Parts Management discipline.

Andrew Chang is a Senior Product Manager at Sourceability. For the last 10 years, Andrew’s been part of leading advances in digital innovation within the electronics components space. Previous endeavors include leading the design of the SiliconExpert P5 Platform as well as Arrow Electronics’ first eCommerce storefront. At Sourceability, Andrew is building next-generation tools that allow engineers and buyers to strategically procure electronic components and assess supply chain risk.

Sourceability will be joined at PMMC by its three partners, Sourcengine, Quotengine, and Datalynq. Sourceability’s team will offer demos on how each digital tool can help manage component risk, market changes, obsolescence, and other industry challenges.  

Sourcengine is one of the largest global marketplaces for electronic components, with over 3,500 suppliers selling to thousands of professional buyers. If you’re looking for an e-commerce site that is time and cost-effective, easy to use, and puts quality above all, you’re in the right place. With over 1 billion parts listings complete with datasheets with technical and compliance information and a fill-in search function, it takes no time to find your perfect part.  

Quotengine is the ultimate BOM management tool, integrated with Sourcengine, that makes BOM and parts list processing a breeze. Quotengine makes buying easy. Upload up to 4,000 line items with a short click and receive offers from multiple suppliers with filter options that fit your specifications. Purchase your entire list or specific components in one painless transaction, with no more phone tag or multi-site searches.  

Datalynq is the market intelligence tool for industry experts, engineers, OEMs, ODMs, CMs, and EMS providers. Keeping an eye on the electronic components supply chain is a tedious but necessary task that traditionally requires dozens, if not hundreds, of Excel sheets to track information. Monitoring components, their OCMs, and obsolescence risk, among other factors, is a monumental task that takes hours upon hours to search through. Datalynq gives complete supply chain visibility by turning this mountain of data into one single window that’s simple to read.  

We hope to see you at PMMC so we can all learn how to prepare and strategize for coming out of this turbulent period in the shortage stronger and smarter. We hope to see you at Sourceability’s booth at the Hyatt Regency 6th - 9th. If you can’t attend PMMC but want to learn more, our team is ready to support you 24/7 online, over the phone, or through email.