Quality and Inspection

Sourceability’s Quality process begins with a thorough qualification of our supply chain. A qualified Sourceability supplier is continuously monitored and measured based on a critical five element rating system to ensure continued quality and performance. Sourceability’s Quality team members implement a 3 tier incoming Inspection process based on the IDEA-1010B standard as well as other stringent industry quality standards. These strict standards ensure the highest quality and complete material conformance.

  • Level 1 Full Traceability
  • Level 2 Secure
  • Level 3 Risk Mitigation

Sourceability’s Global Quality team members are highly trained, technical and objective in discovering typically undetectable product quality flaws during our 74 step inspection process. Our inspectors have an array of tools available. Components are subjected to a multi- step visual inspections process utilizing various high magnification microscopes (up to 1000X magnification) and digital cameras to document each step of inspection. Enhanced inspection follows visual inspection using techniques such as marking permanency, product resurfacing or black-topping tests (Heated Solvency tests). Each test conforms to the Sourceability Counterfeit Parts Mitigation Policy.

All Sourceability Inspection Facilities implement the following inspection equipment and advanced testing capabilities:
High Precision Keyence Microscopes / FS Inspection Microscopes / Dino-Lite Microscopes / Reel Counters /
XRF Metallurgic Testing / X-Ray / Baking / Solderability Testing / Acid De-Capsulation / RTS Testing

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