Annual National Geographic Earth Day Run.

As part of our commitment to protecting the environment, Sourceability supports a broad spectrum of international initiatives. In April, our team in Asia excitedly joined 2,200 participants in the 2nd Annual National Geographic Earth Day Run.

This zero-waste initiative was Singapore’s first mass-run powered solely by renewable energy. An eco-carnival preceded the race, where participants took part in activities such as cycling to power kinetic energy, contributing to the 320,000 watts of renewable energy the event operated on.

“This was an amazing effort on the part of National Geographic”, said Christian Giereth, Global CFO of Sourceability, who completed the 10km run. “When I first heard about the run, I encouraged everyone on our team to sign up with me. Our focus was not on running competitively but instead to show our solidarity with organizations who were fighting to not only raise awareness, but take action for the same cause.”

Since our establishment, Sourceability has practiced sustainability by using energy efficient inspection tools, going paperless wherever possible, implementing company-wide recycling initiatives, and minimizing environmental effects. We are thrilled to be part of this historic moment in Singapore’s history and will continue to protect the environment in our daily activities.


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