About 3M Corporation

3M Corporation is a leading designer and producer of many industrial and consumer products, including abrasives, adhesive tape, and electronic components. The company commenced operations in 1902, and its headquarters is in St. Paul, Minnesota. It has more than 100,000 employees worldwide and operates facilities in Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, Poland, and Singapore.

What types of products does 3M offer?

The corporation offers over 60,000 electronic components with applications in the healthcare, home automation, medical, automotive, signage, data center, abrasives, chemical, display & interfaces, and semiconductor sectors.  

What are some examples of outstanding 3M products?

3M’s electronic components portfolio includes an extensive range of best-in-class products.

As an example, the 984F is one of its most popular items. The abrasive cloth belt provides excellent performance, runs cool, has reduced metal oxidation, and is resistant to heat-related stress cracks. It has a significantly longer operational life than products of the preceding generation, which reduces repair-related downtime. And its YF-weight backing makes it ideal for use with high-pressure conditions on materials like stainless steel and metallic alloys.

The 3647B/36 wire cable is another one of 3M’s most innovative parts. It has double shielding effective up to 35db and reduces crosstalk in balanced drive applications. It also adheres to IEEE1284 standards and the external wiring benchmarks of the National Electrical Code.

The firm’s 10268-5JBEPC is a highly versatile component. The mini delta ribbon connector comes equipped with a robust die-cast metal case. It has an interface latch design for connection stability and a reverse pin pattern to support the SCSI-2 layout. Its design also includes a ground lock for dependable PCB retention.

Lastly, the 3S6XX-62SX-B00PP is a dependable space-saving solution. The device offers reliable connectivity with an easy and fast termination process. It is also capable of mating with four stacked connectors in one action. Best of all, it features a compact form factor that consumes 30 percent less board space than 3M’s mini-clamp connectors.

Product Categories

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