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About Churod Electronics

Churod Electronics Co. Ltd. is a leading electromechanical relay developer, manufacturer, and supplier. The company, founded in 2006, has more than 1,000 employees worldwide. Its headquarters is in Dongguan, China. The firm has two factories in China and international offices in Asia and North America.

What kind of products does Churod offer?

Churod specializes in the designing and manufacturing of power and signal relays. The firm’s offerings cater to many business domains, such as 5G, automotive, home appliances, industrial, and renewable energy.

What are some examples of outstanding Churod products?

The A1-S-112DAF power relay is one of the manufacturer’s best items. The device measures 18.22mm x 14.9mm and features a 1 Form A(SPST) contact arrangement. This power relay is halogen-free, meets the RoHS and REACH SvHC standards, and comes with a glow-wire type. Primarily used in industrial control appliances, the power relay has a coil voltage of 3VDC TO 48VDC and power values of 200mW to 450mW.

Churod’s A1-S-105HAF power relay also has a 1 form A(SPST) contact arrangement with an 18.22 mm x 14.9 mm form factor. It meets cULus, TUV, and CQC requirements, and is RoHS and REACH SvHC compliant. It has 4000VAC dielectric strength between coil and contact, making it relevant for industrial control appliances. Also, the component has a coil voltage of 3VDC  48VDC and a 200mW to 450mW power range.

The 3046L-2-103 linear motion potentiometer has standard resistance of 1,000Ω to 50,000Ω with independent linearity of ±5 percent. With an average life of 500,000 cycles, it can operate consistently with 5 percent to 95 percent of electrical travel. The 3046 potentiometer comes with the manufacturers’ trademark resistance code an insulation resistance of 50mΩ at 500VDC with a temperature coefficient of 1000 PPM/°C.

Product Categories

Power Relays
Signal Relays
Energy Relays
Automotive Relays
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