About CJTconn

CJTconn Connectors Co. Ltd. (CJTconn) is a global manufacturer of connectors and wire harnesses. The company commenced operations in 1998, and its headquarters is in Shenzhen, China. It operates a manufacturing facility in the city of Dongguan. The firm’s presence extends throughout its home country and across Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and the United States.

What kind of products does CJTconn offer?

The company’s product line includes board-to-board, IDC, PCI-E, rectangular, wire-to-board, and wire-to-wire connectors, as well as several wire harnesses, connector blocks, terminals & terminal blocks. The manufacturer offers many products for the aerospace & defense, automotive, drone, fitness, industrial automation, lighting, medical, personal electronics, power supply, smart appliance, surveillance, and visualization industries.

What are some examples of outstanding CJTconn products?

The A2006WRU-F-2X18P-G board connector is one of the manufacturer’s finest components. It has a current rating of 3A and can withstand voltage up to 250V. The device also has a robust temperature range of -25°C to 85°C.

The A1253H-6P is another standout CJTconn product. It has a maximum contact resistance of 10mΩ and minimum insulation resistance of 100mΩ. This component can function consistently at 800VAC per minute. It features PA4T material construction and a tin-plated finish. The item also has 36 contacts, two rows, solder terminals, a natural insulator, and a locking mechanism.

The A1253H-6P board connector also has a 1A current rating, a 200V voltage rating of 200 V. The item also boasts a phosphor bronze construction and comes equipped with a tin-plated finishing.

Finally, the A2541-TP terminal block has a current rating of 3A, a voltage rating of 250V, and can stand up to 1500VAC per minute. It can operate in a host of extreme temperatures, from 0°C to 105°C. The device has a maximum of 20mΩ contact resistance with 1000mΩ minimum insulation resistance.

Product Categories

Board to Board Connectors
Wire to Wire Connectors
IDC Connectors
Wire Harness
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