About Dioo Microcircuits Co. Ltd

Dioo Microcircuits Co. Ltd. specializes in high-performance analog chip research, design, and development. Since its founding in 2010, the company has offered application-specific products for the mixed-signal marketplace. The company’s headquarters is in Shanghai, China, and it has six offices in East Asia.

What kind of products does Dioo offer?

The firm’s product portfolio includes USB2.0/3.0 interface ICs, low-power & low-noise amplifiers, high-voltage small footprint power management chips, LED lighting ICs, and HD audio & video signal conditioning components. The firm provides standard and custom products for the semiconductor, lighting, medical instrument, communications, LED lightings, industrial, home entertainment manufacturing, and consumer electronics market segments.

What are some examples of outstanding Dioo products?

Dioo’s DIO8650E is one of its most well-regarded products. This single-stage fly-back and PFC controller is designed for LED lighting applications. A primary side controller drives the device in quasi-resonant mode to achieve higher efficiency. The item simultaneously avoids the use of a secondary feedback circuit. The DIO8650E maintains a constant, on-time operation to provide a high-power factor. This chip has a unique design that allows for a quick start-up and offers reliable protection.

The DIO7708 is an LDO linear voltage regulator with a current rating of 300mA. It is a very stable and precise device with extremely low quiescent current consumption, typically 4A over the entire temperature range. It also has a wide input voltage range, up to 30V, and thermal shutdown to provide superior protection.

The DIO5538B/C/D is a full-featured constant current/voltage linear charger for single-cell Lithium-Ion batteries. Because of the internal MOSFET architecture, it requires an external sense resistor. It features thermal feedback controls to keep the die temperature low during high-power operations or amid high ambient temperatures. Plus, it possesses fixed charge voltage, and its charge current is externally programmable with a single resistor.

Also, when the charge current falls to 1/10 of the programmed value after it reaches final float voltage, the DIO5538B/C/D automatically terminates the charging cycle.

Product Categories

Power Management
MOSFET Drivers
LED Drivers
Amplifiers / USB Switches
Audio-Video Signal Conditioners
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