Diotec Semiconductor

Founded in 1973, Diotec Semiconductor AG is a manufacturer that specializes in making components for electronic devices. The corporation manages its global operations from its headquarters in Heitersheim, Germany. The firm also maintains production facilities in Slovenia, China, and India.

Diotec’s products have applications in the automotive, industrial, LED lighting, power supply, renewable energy, smartphone, utility, telecommunications, and wearables segments.

The company's lineup includes Schottky, Zener, transient voltage suppressor, EDS protection, current limiting, and small signal diodes. It also offers MOSFETs, transistors, regulators, and wire jumpers as well as bridge, high-voltage, standard, fast, and ultrafast recovery rectifiers.

Diotec came into the marketplace nearly 50 years ago with a simple operating principle. Its founders sought to distinguish their company by providing highly responsive customer service alongside their first-class products. Its focus on helping its clients find the exact solutions that fit their needs enabled it to establish a trusted reputation throughout Europe.

In the early 21st century, it expanded its presence into Asia by opening factories in Shanghai and Pune. Those complexes allowed the firm to provide a greater level of support for its overseas clients. In the same period, it also increased its technical knowledge to develop even more sophisticated semiconductors. Consequently, it possesses the capability to provide its partners with an array of standard and custom products.

Diotec recently added the BYG20 Series ultrafast avalanche SMD rectifier diodes to its catalog. The component offers repetitive reverse voltage of 200V to 600V with a forward current rating of 1.5A. It also provides non-repetitive peak reverse avalanche functionality of 20mJ and a minimal reverse recovery time of 75 ns.

Those attributes make the BYG20 line suitable for use in various automotive, personal electronics, and telecom projects.

Diotec is prepared to help its customers overcome their present and future design challenges, no matter how complex.

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