About Edison Opto

Edison Opto Corporation is a leading manufacturer of high-power light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Since its inception in 2001, the in New Taipei City, Taiwan-based company has gradually expanded its footprint to encompass manufacturing facilities in its home country, mainland China, and the United States. Today, the firm maintains subsidiaries in Dongguan, Yangzhou, and Ontario, California,

What types of products does Edison Opto offer?

Edison Opto’s products have applications in the automotive, exhibition, horticulture, civic infrastructure, medical, scientific, signage, outdoor, building, and commercial lighting fields. Its catalog includes LEDs, portable lighting products, AC/DC modules, PLCC packages, streetlights, infrared and ultraviolet solutions, lighting strips, vehicle headlights, and stage lights.

What are some examples of outstanding Edison Opto products?

Edison Opto offers a wide range of high-quality LED products for multiple target markets.

For example, the PLCC 3014 Series impresses with its slim size, which makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting projects. The lineup’s other highlights include a diffused lens and low thermal resistance. This high-intensity package is robust enough to make it relevant for architectural, outdoor, and general lighting setups as well as household appliances.

The manufacturer’s 2ES103CW06000001 single color LED is one of its best offerings. The surface mount item comes with 3.4 V of forward voltage, 700mA of forward current, and an operational temperature range of -30 nine °C to 110°C. As such, it can power everything from outdoor decoration lights to handheld flashlights.

Lastly, the PLCC 2835 HE (High Efficiency) series impresses with its ultra-high luminous efficiency and compact package size. It is also notable for its IR flow process compatibility and outstanding color uniformity. Those characteristics make it very appealing for luxury and boutique clothing stores.

Product Categories

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General Lighting LED Modules
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