About King Wahoo Electronics Co. Ltd.

King Wahoo Electronics (Kfuse) specializes in researching, developing, and producing overcurrent and overvoltage protection solutions. The corporation commenced operations in 1968 and makes its headquarters in Taipei City, Taiwan. It has a factory in China and a distribution network that spans mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea, the United States, and Japan.

What types of products does Kfuse offer?

The firm offers many electronic components like SMD current, miniature, plastic case current, block type, TCF communication, tubular, and special current fuses. Kfuse also manufactures SMD gas discharge tubes, surge absorbers, semiconductor discharge tubes, ceramic resistors, surface gas tubes, lighting protection modules, secondary gas discharge tubes, and three-stage gas discharge tubes. Its product portfolio also consists of TVS and ESD electrostatic protection components.

OEMs widely use the company’s products in the automotive, lighting, oil exploration, renewable energy, medical, mining, industrial, and telecommunication industries.

What are some examples of outstanding Kfuse products?

Kfuse’s 5TS/slow-blow axial lead fuses are a perfect example of the firm’s multifaceted approach to product development. The brand wanted the series to give manufacturers a wide range of design options, so it features a voltage and interruption scale from 200A at 500VAC to 10000A at 125VAC. The line also boasts a compact form factor making it ideal for smartphones and consumer electronics power supplies.

The company’s KHV110.PV photovoltaic fuses provide original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with similarly robust design versatility. The component family features a current rating scale of 1A to 30A, which makes it suitable for inclusion in a variety of solar panel projects.

In addition, the firm’s Type KET/radial lead fuse is one of its most outstanding offerings. The component provides robust overcurrent protection and excellent shock and vibration resistance. It also has a discreet form factor that consumes minimal board space. Those characteristics make it more than suitable for air conditioners, battery chargers, televisions, and various white goods.

Product Categories

Over Current & Voltage Protection
ESD Protection
Special Resistors
Surface Gas Tube
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