About Nexperia

Headquartered in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, Nexperia is a leading high volume manufacturer of analog and logic ICs, bipolar transistors, and diodes.

The firm began as a division of NXP Semiconductors before emerging as a standalone enterprise in 2017. Though only a few years old, the company’s proven drive for efficiency, excellence, and dependability will ensure its success for many years to come.

Nexperia employs 12,000 people worldwide and maintains factories in Britain, China, Germany, Malaysia, and the Philippines to serve its global customer base. At present, its portfolio exceeds 15,000 items, and it introduces over 800 new solutions every year.

What kind of products does Nexperia make?

The brand primarily serves the automotive, computing, consumer electronics, industrial and power, 5G and IoT, and industrial markets. The company is a leading supplier of small-signal diodes, MOSFETS, EDS protection devices, and automotive components.

Because of its first-rate manufacturing and logistics operations, Nexperia moves 90 billion electronic components annually.

What is an example of a recent Nexperia offering?

Nexperia’s new GAN041-650WSB gallium nitride (GaN) power-field effect transistor (FET) is one of its most impressive new devices. As a forward-thinking manufacturer, the firm understands the transformational possibilities offered by emerging technologies like 5G to telecommunications and electric vehicles. For that reason, it has dedicated its considerable R&D resources to making components that unlock GaN’s power density potential. The GAN041-650WSB is a product of Nexperia’s efforts that presents a leading technology to the market.

The part is rated at 650 V and has a 35 mΩ (typ.) drain-source-on resistance, with ultra-low reverse recovery charge. It has outstanding gate oxide, withstanding +/- 20 V, and an exceptional gate threshold voltage of +4V. It also boasts 725 V transient overvoltage capability and the lowest reverse conduction losses for a WBG FET.

With those benefits, the GAN041-650WSB GaN FET is ideal for electric vehicles, industrial automation, photovoltaic inverters, and server and telecom power supplies.

Product Categories

ESD Protection
Analog & Logic ICs
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