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About NIC Components Corp.

Since its inception in 1982, NIC Components Corporation has grown into a leading manufacturer of passive electronic parts. Based out of Melville, New York, the company has many modern factories in China, Japan, and Taiwan. It serves many global markets and has set up production facilities in Asia, Europe, and the United States.

What types of products does NIC offer?

The firm is a top provider in the home appliance, automotive, communications, lighting, and computing markets.

The corporation manufactures electronic parts like aluminum electrolytic, ceramic, DC film, tantalum capacitors, thin & thick-film resistors, ferrite chip beads, power inductors, filters, USB connectors, power relays, condensers, and RF components. The company’s products find use in the home appliances and electronics manufacturing industries.

NIC’s component portfolio also includes magnetics, wires & cables, LEDs and LED lighting solutions, overcurrent protection fuses, and ESD protection diodes.

What are some examples of outstanding NIC products?

The NZSF470KTR surface-mount varistor features a compact package that easily withstands a high surge current of up to 600A. The electric component also offers low surge protection with low clamping voltage. That means this product is both multifaceted and durable.

Another impressive part is the NRTS473STRX trim potentiometer that comes with a sealed surface mount package and a low profile but wide resistance range. The product has tape & reel packaging for automatic mounting, and it has both flow and reflow soldering compatibility.

NIC’s NMC0402X7R222K50TRPF ceramic capacitor is a popular electrical component due to its multifunctional use across various industries. The product is Class II dielectric high-temperature stable, phenomenal frequency characteristics. It offers non-linear capacitance change, and higher capacitance than conventional NPO ceramic capacitors.

Finally, the corporation’s NSPE-TJ Series high ripple current rated hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors represent a meaningful advancement in electronic component development. The line has an operational temperature range of -55́°C to 125°C and an extended maximum heat lifetime of 4,000 hours. Plus, its innovative design and construction enable it to produce a 30 to 60 percent better ripple current rating than rival components of the same generation.

As a result, the NSPE-TJ lets designers create new products with an appealing small form factor.

Product Categories

Capacitors (MLCC / Ceramic)
Resistors (Thick / Thin Film)
NTC Thermistor
NW Magnetics
Power Relays
Protection Diodes
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
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