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About NKK Switches Co. Ltd

NKK Switches Co. Ltd is a leading designer and manufacturer of industrial switches. The Japanese company is headquartered in Kawasaki, Kanagawa. Founded in 1953, the company initially operated under the name Nihon Kaiheki Kogyo Co. Ltd. It has subsidiaries in East Asia, Europe, and the Americas, as well as manufacturing facilities in its home country, China, and the Philippines.

What types of products does NKK offer?

The company is considered a pioneer in the electronic components sector. It offers a wide range of rotary, rocker, pushbutton, toggle, illuminated, electromechanical, surface mount, programmable, tactile, toggle, keylock, tilt, emergency stop, and tactile switches.

It also makes a selection of touch screens, membrane keypads, indicators, buttons, caps, boots, adaptors, bezels, diffusers, filters, component frames, LEDs, knobs, mounters, guards, nuts, on/off plates, and paddles.

NKK’s products are popular in the home entertainment, industrial, medical, military, telecom, and transportation markets.

What are some examples of outstanding NKK products?

The GB Series pushbutton switches are one of the most sought-after parts in the company’s product line.

The ultra-miniature switch enables high-density mounting even though it only weighs 0.25 grams. The line has a sealed constructed body that prevents contact contamination, which allows for time and money-saving washing and automated soldering without compromising durability. In addition, it comes equipped with an award-winning STC contact mechanism, this module also has positive detent actuation, robust contact stability, and high-level logic reliability.

The FM series switch membrane keypads are also one of NKK’s most popular offerings.

The innovatively designed components can be easily integrated into existing projects and replace multiple mechanical switches as well as soldered wiring and cable assemblies. These keypads are available in illuminated and non-illuminated iterations in12 or 16 key and 4 or 16 key varieties, respectively.

The FM series keypads feature actuating domes, which offer crisp tactile feedback to indicate positive circuit transfer. Moreover, the device also comes with adhesive backing to allow for easy mounting.

Product Categories

Toggle / Rocker Switches
Push / Slide Buttons
Programmable Switches
Rotary / Resistive Switches
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