About Nvidia Corporation

Nvidia Corporation is a leading manufacturer of high-quality microelectronic devices and software. The firm has more than 13,000 employees worldwide and around 50 offices in the Americas, Asian, and European regions. Founded in 1993, the corporation conducts its global operations from its headquarters in San Diego, California.

What types of products does Nvidia offer?

Nvidia built its brand by making market-leading and multifunctional graphics cards for the PC segment. However, since its early days, the company has expanded its portfolio to include system-on-a-chips (SoC), networking gear, purpose-built artificial intelligence (AI) supercomputers, and enterprise server platforms. It also sells a wide range of cutting-edge software programs.

It designs and develops solutions for the gaming, data center, cryptocurrency, AI, home entertainment, computing, architecture, engineering, construction, medical, robotics, visualization, automotive scientific research, consumer electronics, graphic design, and film industries.

What are some examples of outstanding Nvidia products?

Nvidia Jetson TX2 4GB provides the powerful computing power necessary to run modern AI workloads. This module lets users configure operations between 7.5W and 15W, making it ideal for a diverse set of intelligent-edge products. OEMs, CMs, and EMS firms interested in launching robots, drones, smart cameras, and portable medical devices need this credit card-sized device in their inventories.

Moreover, the Jetson TX2 4GB offers numerous standard hardware interfaces, like low-speed GPIOs, high-speed PCIe, and USB. As a result, this energy-efficient makes the product uniquely suited for NPIs with diverse applications and form factors.

Another excellent part of Nvidia’s product catalog is the MCX613106A-VDAT ConnectX-6 EN ethernet adapter. The item is the first component of its type to offer smart offloads and in-network cloud computing, machine learning, and Big Data applications. The card delivers a maximum bandwidth of 200Gb per second, PCIe Gen4/Gen3 support with up to x32 lanes, and less than 0.8usec latency.  

The ConnectX-6 EN also enables host chaining, different server connections without a switch, and smart interconnect for x86, Arm, FPGA, GPU, and power-based platforms.

The corporation’s passion for innovation is also evident in its partnership with Mercedes-Benz. The automaker will use Nvidia’s groundbreaking Drive AGX Orin SoCs to power onboard computing platforms in its next-generation luxury vehicles.

That means Mercedes-Benz 2024 vehicles will come equipped with best-in-class Nvidia-powered advanced driver assistance systems and automated parking features.

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