About PANJIT International Inc.

PANJIT International is a leading manufacturer of semiconductors. The Taiwanese company operates out of its main office in Kaohsiung City. Established in 1986, it has more than 6,000 employees and production capacity in Asia, Europe, and North America.

What types of products does PANJIT offer?

The firm’s products have applications in the automotive, industrial, and power supply sectors.

It has an extensive portfolio that features discrete components, H-type Schottky diodes, MOSFETs, transient voltage suppressors, SiC diodes, charging & LED lighting products, AC-DC controllers, Zener diodes, wireless charging transmitters, rectifiers, general bridges, microwave mixer diodes, power-rating devices, bipolar junction transistors, protection devices, and IGBTs.

What are some examples of outstanding PANJIT products?

One of the most sought-after products from PANJIT International is the 1N4742A Series Zener diode. The low-profile device can be mounted in any position, has low inductance, and features built-in strain relief. It also comes in a plastic package with an Underwriters Laboratory L 94V-O flammability classification.

PANJIT’s 2SC2222H power bipolar transistors are another stand-out part of its catalog. Its benefits include NPN epitaxial silicon planar design and an operational temperature range of -55°C to 150°C. Plus, the general-purpose component has a 40V collector-emitter voltage rating with 600mA of collector current.

The firm is also keen to break new ground in its field by introducing new semiconductor packages. For instance, the TO-277C possesses robust heat dissipation capability in an ultra-slim profile. The component measures 4.6mm x 6.1mm x 1.1mm, 56 percent smaller than DPAK and SMC products.

The TO-277C also offers improved performance compared to the prior generation because of its low thermal resistance. Consequently, it provides several market advantages to OEMs, CMs, and EMS providers in the automotive, industrial, and telecom sectors.

Product Categories

Diode / Bridge Reflectors
Protection Diodes
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