PCTEL is an experienced global provider of wireless connectivity solutions. Headquartered in Bloomington, Illinois, the company commenced operations in 1994. The firm maintains offices throughout the United States as well as in Sweden and China.

What kind of products does PCTEL make?

The manufacturer develops products for the agricultural, military and defense, manufacturing, mining, public safety, oil, gas & utility, industrial IoT, intelligent transportation, and wireless telecommunications industries.

Its product portfolio features a broad selection of combination, low-profile, global positioning, cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, base station, mobile, omnidirectional, whip/aerial, Yagi, and LMR/TETRA/P25 antennas.

It also offers antenna accessories, scanning receivers, public safety network testing solutions, transmitters, interference locating systems, access points, radio modules, and wireless communication sensor platforms.

What are some examples of best-in-class PCTEL products?

The company’s MLPV series of low-profile antennas are one of the most impressive items in its catalog. The product family provides superior pattern coverage of 380 MHz to 6 GHz for fixed and mobile projects. It also boasts industry-leading reliability and wideband performance with negligible loss and no tuning necessary. Moreover, the line features ruggedized housing that allows for indoor and outdoor deployments.

The MLPV series also has a discreet form factor that allows maximum overhead clearance.

PCTEL’s Coach 4x4 Wi-Fi, DSRC GNSS multi-band antenna is another one of the brand’s finest offerings. The device enables high-speed data connectivity for DSRC, ITS, and IIoT applications and supports dual-band 2.4/5GHz MIMO throughputs. It is also 802.11p, ac Wi-Fi compliant, has an IP67-rated housing, and comes equipped with a low-loss RG-58/U cable exit that allows for permanent installations.

Thanks to the company’s robust GPS/GLONASS technology, the Coach 4x4 delivers optimized voice and data network connectivity.

Lastly, the Gflex scanning receiver exemplifies the company’s dedication to expanding the boundaries of what wireless equipment can do. The next-generation mobile network evaluation tool supports walk, drive, and government level testing for 2G through 5G connectivity standards. The innovative receiver can collect sub-8GHz and mmWave data, which allows for simplified multi-operator network benchmarking.

Moreover, the Gflex measures up to 120 5G channels, dual polarizing beamforming, and 4×2 MIMO transmissions.

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