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About PEC Coil

Providence Electronics Corporation (PEC) was set up in 2005 and currently, its headquarters are in New Taipei City, Taiwan. The company employs more than 2,000 people and is a leader in the development of magnetic components for different types of power applications.

What kind of products does PEC offer?

In the early years of its inception, the firm was primarily manufacturing magnetic and inductive components. The company continues to manufacture high-current power electronic components. PEC offers a range of microelectronics for the automotive, consumer electronics, industrial, and medical equipment industries. It has been expanding its automatic manufacturing capabilities. The company has an increasing presence in the automotive electronics parts supply industry with many PEC factories with IATF16949 certifications. Today, the production line consists of inductors, transformers, a common mode choke, and many automotive components.

What are some outstanding PEC products?

The company manufactures many microelectronic components for power electronics. Some of the company's more popular offerings include:

The SHI-05540FS HF series inductor is one of the company's most renowned products. This inductor is a widely used passive component in DC/DC fields. This product is the SMD version with low core loss and features a low profile and high-efficiency performance rate. The inductor contains a relative magnetic path for low leakage flux and low DCR with a flat wire design. It is AEC-Q200 qualified.

Another one of the company's most sought-after products is the VSDC-080040 series automotive SMD common mode choke. It is an SMD type EMI common mode choke for automotive applications and its DC current rate ranks up to 9.0A. The product comes in a tape and reel packing and it is halogen-free.

The VSHI-05540FS HF series component is a high-current inductor, which is AEC-Q200 qualified. It is an SMD version and features a low core loss for a low profile and a high-efficiency performance rate. The product upholds a close magnetic path for low leakage flux. The component finds use in the automobile, VGA card, battery power device, and DC/DC converter setups for power-regulation systems.

Product Categories

Switching Transformers
Common Mode Choke
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