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About SG Micro Corp

SG Micro Corp is a renowned designer, producer, and supplier of analog integrated circuits. The company was set up in 2007, and its headquarters are in Beijing, China. It employs approximately 400 people. It has offices across China and more sales centers across Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taiwan, and Germany.

What types of products does SG Micro offer?

The firm offers an array of electronic components including power management circuits, operational amplifiers, comparators, fixed positive single output LDO regulators, audio/video amplifiers, multiplexers or switches, display drivers, gates, adjustable positive single output LDO regulators, switching regulators, or controllers, and fixed positive multiple output LDO regulators. These electronic parts are suitable for automotive, home entertainment, medical, consumer electronics, mobile device, and renewable energy sectors.

What are some examples of outstanding SG products?

The corporation is committed to innovation in the international microelectronics market. Following are some of the more superior products from the manufacturer:

SGM722XMS/TR: this is an operational amplifier that keeps the noise levels in check, and it requires much lesser power. It is suitable for a wide range of industries including sensors, active filters, A/D converters, test equipment, communications, cellular & cordless phones, and photodiode amplification. It offers rail-to-rail output swing into heavy loads.

SGM706-SYS8G/TR: this is a power management circuit that reduces the number of complicated components necessary for monitored power supply and monitored microprocessor activities. It is suitable to be used in computers, automotive systems, controllers, critical power monitoring, and intelligent instruments. It enhances the reliability of the system and offers more accuracy when compared to standard ICs or discrete components.

SG2003-2.5XN5/TR: it is a low power, low noise, and low dropout linear voltage regulator. It is suitable for low-voltage applications such as cellular telephones, handheld instruments, PHS telephones, electronic planners, palmtop computers, portable or battery-powered equipment, modems, and MP3 players.

SGM9115XS/TR: it is a video filter driver with triple 6dB gain rail-to-rail output drivers and triple 3rd-order output reconstructive filters, as well as a -3dB frequency of 9MHz and a tilt rate of 44V/s. It is suitable for video amplifiers, video-on-demand, DVD players, communication devices, cable & satellite set-top boxes, and personal video recorders.

Product Categories

Power Management
Op-amp & Comparators
Small Logic IC
Audio/Video Drivers
Audio Power Amps
Analog Switches
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