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About Unisonic Technologies Company

Unisonic Technologies Co. Ltd. (UTC) is the leading manufacturer and supplier of semiconductor and IC design devices. Set up in 1990, the corporation has its base in New Taipei City, Taiwan. It has a packaging unit in the Greater China region. It has distributors in China, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Thailand, Singapore, Canada, Switzerland, Turkey, Malaysia, the USA, Germany, Russia, Poland, Mexico, the UK, South Korea, Japan, Israel, Italy, Spain, and Brazil. The firm has nearly 1,600 employees.

What types of products does UTC offer

The corporation offers a line of fixed positive single output LDO regulators, power management circuits, voltage references, analog waveform generation functions, adjustable positive single output standard regulators, motion control electronics, PLL or frequency synthesis circuits, RF power bipolar transistors, small signal bipolar transistors, and Zener diodes. The company also manufactures transient suppressors, bridge rectifier diodes, varactors, silicon controller rectifiers, bus driver/transceivers, shift registers, and audio/video amplifiers. Other offerings include MOSFET drivers, visible LEDs, magnetic field sensors, analog to digital converters, and cordless telephone ICs.The firm offers semiconductor components that are commonly used for automotive & transportation, home automation, consumer electronics, home entertainment, and telecommunications industries.

What are some examples of outstanding products from UTC

Following are some exemplary products from the manufacturer:

7N20G-TN3-R: this electronic component is an N-channel power MOSFET with a power voltage of 200V and a power supply of 7A. It ensures superior performance and the least on-state resistance. It is suitable for low voltage applications like DC motor controls, switching AC/DC converters, and audio amplifiers.

LM393L-D08-T: this component is a dual differential comparator used for a linear integrated circuit. It is particularly useful for operating from a single power supply over a wide voltage bandwidth. Its power output is correspondent to TTL, DTL, and CMOS logic systems.

1N5819L-CA2-R: this device is a Schotty barrier diode that has a maximum DC blocking voltage of 40V. It is highly efficient and does not cause excessive power loss. With high surge current capacity, the device is suitable for high-frequency inverters, polarity protection, and a freewheeling diode.

UT2302G-AE2-R: this electronic part is an N-channel power MOSFET for commercial and industrial surface installation applications. It has high-density cells with rapid switching speed, low on-resistance, and superior thermal & electrical capacities.

Product Categories

LDO / DC-DC Power Management
MOSFET's / Transistors / Diodes
OPAMP’s & Comparators
IGBT / Regulators/ Logic IC
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