Walsin Technology Corporation

About Walsin Technology Corporation

Walsin Technology is a leading manufacturer of passive components. Founded in 1992, the firm operates out of its headquarters in Taoyuan City, Taiwan. The company’s strategic network spans mainland China, Japan, Bangladesh, South Korea, Cambodia, Indonesia, and India. In 2002, it joined the PSA - Passive System Alliance. Today, the corporation serves its customers with a staff of more than 40,000 employees.

What types of products does Walsin offer?

The firm’s products are used in networking devices, smartphones, data centers, PCs, LED light bulbs, industrial equipment, white goods, green energy applications components, and automotive parts. Walsin’s catalog includes capacitors attenuators, inductors, RF filters, thin-film items, antennas, and resistors.

What are some examples of outstanding Walsin products?

The company’s portfolio includes many outstanding consumer and industrial products. One of its most popular offerings is the WFxxT&U_Q, a precise thin-film chip resistor that features a high-grade ceramic body. The device is notable for its low current noise and robust reliability and stability. It has applications in the automotive, medical equipment, printer, measuring instruments, and communications sectors. It adheres to RoHS standards and is lead-free.

In addition, the WLBD1005-4532_HC_Series is a first-rate chip bead that combines high-frequency noise suppression with the ability to handle high current. It is rated for up to 6A with low DCR. The device is suitable for high current DC power lines and circuits where a stable ground is unavailable.

Finally, the WLFI1608_Series of ferrite chip inductor is great for high-integration electronics devices. It has a ceramic structure that has exceptional reliability and performance characteristics. As a result, it makes for a valuable addition to I/O port EMI solutions and RF chokes for DC power supply.

Product Categories

Resistors (Thick / Thin Film)
Capacitors (MLCC / Ceramic)
RF Filters & Antennas
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