XFMRS Inc. is a leading manufacturer of customized and standardized magnetic components. Set up in 1992, the corporation has its headquarters in Camby, Indiana, the United States. It has major factories in Hong Kong and the US. The firm has distributors across the globe in Belgium, Hong Kong, Israel, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Portugal, Japan, and Sri Lanka. It has over 5,000 employees.

What types of products does XFMRS offer?

The corporation offers an array of electronic components including fixed inductors, telecom transformers, SMPS transformers, pulse/datacom transformers, data line filters, telecom, and datacom connectors. The firm also manufactures toroidal inductors, LAN combos, flyback transformers, miniature wound CMC, drum core inductors, current sense transformers, RF transformers, power/mains transformers, and gate drivers. Most of the company’s products find application in automotive & transportation, computing, security & surveillance, lighting, communications, and other industrial sectors.

What are some examples of outstanding products from XFMRS?

The firm invests in stringent quality-control procedures and has many excellent offerings like the Class D of output inductors that impress with a smarter, more compact structure and a rugged shield that helps to secure other electronic items. Other popular products are:

XF0156S1: this electronic part is a general-purpose inductor with an operating temperature ranging between -40 deg. C and +85 deg. C. It has leads that adhere to MIL-STD-202G standards and uses the 208H method for solderability. The component has moisture sensitivity of Level 3.

XFATM9-CVMN1-2M: this component is a telecom and datacom connector with eight contacts. The connector has a storage temperature range of -55 deg. C and +125 deg. C. The part meets the flammability standards of UL94V-0 certification. It has an input and output isolation voltage of 1500 Vrms.

XFATM6P: this device is a datacom transformer with an operational temperature range of -40 to +85 degrees Celsius. It contains MIL-STD-202G compliant leads and uses the 208H technique for solderability. Humidity sensitivity is Level 3 for this component.

XF0506Q1: this electronic component is a data line filter with an isolation voltage of 500 Vrms and a DC resistance of 0.40 ohms. It has 16 functions and a 40-pin count. It contains MIL-STD-202G compatible leads and utilizes the 208H approach for solderability.

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