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About Yangzhou Yangjie Electronic Technology

Yangzhou Yangjie Electronic is an IDM manufacturer that combines semiconductor chip structure & production, component assembly, and testing. Since its inception in 2000, the firm has set up many offices and manufacturing units, employing more than 3,000 people. The company’s headquarters are in Yangzhou, China. It has factories in China and Taiwan with multiple sales offices across Japan, South Korea, and South Asia.

What types of products does Yangjie offer?

The corporation offers an impressive line of electronic components, including transient suppressors, small signal bipolar transistors, MOSFET drivers, RF power field-effect transistors, rectifier diodes, insulated gate bipolar transistors, silicon surge protectors, silicon controlled rectifiers, MOS controlled thyristors, and snap-acting/limit switches. The company also manufactures fixed positive single output standard regulators, power bipolar transistors, bridge rectifier diodes, Zener diodes, and trigger devices. These products are suitable for the automotive & transportation, security & surveillance, communications, home automation, industrial, energy, and lighting sectors.

What are some examples of outstanding Yangjie products?

The corporation provides a series of YBSM bridge products that provide a voltage range between 50V and 1000V, and a resisting scale of 4A to 6A. Other exemplary products from the manufacturer include:

H1M: this electronic part is a rectifier diode that impresses with its solid, silicon construction. It has 1000V of repetitive peak reverse voltage and a surge capacity of 30A. It finds use in switching rectification of power supply, converters, inverters, and freewheeling diodes. The component adheres to MSL level 1 standards and RoHS certification.

6A8: this is a silicon rectifier diode molded plastic case. Its voltage ranges between 200V and 1000C. The lead in the component consists of axial leads and is solderable according to the MIL-STD-202 standards. The peak forwards surges current for the electronic component is 6A.

E1J: this is a surface installed, superfast recovery rectifier for automated placement. It is applicable for switching rectification of power supply, converters, inverters, and freewheeling diodes used in telecommunications and consumer goods. It has a surging capacity of 30A.

MB2S: this bridge rectifier adheres to MSL level 1 standard. It is ideal for general purpose applications such as AC/DC bridge full wave rectification for power supply, battery charger, home appliances, office equipment, lighting ballast, and telecommunication.

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