About Zowie Technology Corporation

Zowie Technology is a leading designer and manufacturer of discrete semiconductor products. Catering to industrial diode requirements, the company was set up in 1994, and it is based out of Taipei, Taiwan. It has factories in Taiwan and China. It also has global offices across China, the USA, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea.

What types of products does Zowie offer?

The firm is famous for its next-generation diodes. Its product portfolio includes the glass passivated rectifier chip, super-chip diodes, and the company owns many patents for the design and development of these components. The corporation offers an array of electronic components including AEC-Q101 products, transient voltage successors, high thermal performance Schottky rectifiers, Schottky barrier rectifiers, Schottky bridge rectifiers, ultrafast rectifiers, high-efficiency rectifiers, and fast-recovery rectifiers. Zowie also manufactures MOV, power devices, bridge rectifiers, and standard recovery rectifiers. Many of these products find use in the automotive, LED lighting, LCD panel, mobile phone, charger, digital camera, and car audio industries.

What are some examples of outstanding products from Zowie?

The firm offers many high-voltage components and high-density rectifiers. These products have a dedicated, high-thermal dissipation package structure. They perform optimally even at a high-temperature range of nearly 175 deg. C. Following are some more outstanding electronic parts from the manufacturer:

SC55: this electronic component is a surface installed Schottky barrier rectifier with a plastic casing. It has integrated strain relief and a reverse voltage, ranging between 20V to 60V. The device is suitable for low-voltage, high-frequency inverters, polarity protection, and freewheeling applications.

SAC10: it is a low-capacitance transient voltage suppressor with superior clamping capability and a high-pulse power capacity of 500W with a waveform of 10/1000us and a repetition rate of 0.01%. It finds its use in data line applications. The operating junction temperature ranges between -55 deg. C and +175 deg. C.

DF06: this electronic component is a glass passivated bridge rectifier with a reverse voltage of 600V. It has a plastic molding casing and tin-coated terminals. It has a peak surge current capacity of 50A. This device is suitable for surface installation applications. It has functional junction and storage temperatures ranging between -55 deg. C and +150 deg. C.

1N5227B: this electronic device is a silicon planar Zener diode with a voltage tolerance of more or less 20%. Its junction temperature is 200 deg. C and it has a storage temperature range of -65 deg. C to +200 deg. C.

Product Categories

Power Devices
Bridge Rectifiers
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