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The easiest way to quote, buy, and manage your BOM or parts list

Quotengine is an innovative enterprise quoting and BOM management tool that gives you instant access to price and availability from over 3,500 suppliers. Buy parts instantly or submit RFQs to procure through our global sourcing team – all from one easy interface.
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Key Features
Streamline your purchasing process with this quality management software and quickly quote and buy your full BOM or parts list. Support is available online, over the phone, and through email 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Learn more about the features of the BOM inventory management tool and how it strengthens purchasing processes.

Enterprise quoting

Quote your entire BOM or parts list (up to 4,000-line items) all at once with the BOM management system. Quickly add to cart, purchase, or submit an RFQ for additional quoting by our global sourcing team.

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entire BOM

Easily identify the best quotes for BOM inventory management from over 3,500 suppliers and add multiple items to your cart for one easy checkout. Place a single purchase order and schedule deliveries to meet your bill of materials and production needs.
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Enhance your BOM or parts list with additional BOM data on over 1 billion parts, including price, lead times, compliance data, alternates, and technical data. Take the BOM data with you, with export and sharing capabilities.
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BOM Price benchmarking

Identify cost savings opportunities for your BOM and compare pricing from thousands of global suppliers in one easy interface.

Product info

Technical, Compliance,
Alternates, and Lifecycle Data
Use bill of materials software to leverage technical data, datasheets, compliance, and lifecycle data for over 1 billion electronic components including Form-Fit-Function (FFF) alternates.

They’re actually trying to go as low as they can. That impresses me.

My impression is that when I send a quote to some distributors, they do a good job of finding parts. But their mindset when they give me a price, is how high can I make this price?  When I send a quote on Sourcengine, I don’t get that impression. They’re actually trying to go as low as they can. That impresses me.
Trevor Z.
Sourcengine Customer

Sourcengine is probably my favorite new supplier I found. Easy to use. So, we could make large purchases of large quantities...

Kyle S.
Sourcengine Customer
key features
Get Instant Quotes
Instantly get quotes for up to 4,000 electronic components offered by over 3,500 suppliers with just a few clicks
key features
Buy Your Entire BOM
Add simple and complex products to your cart and checkout in one easy transaction. Place a single purchase order and schedule deliveries to meet your production planning needs.
key features
BOM Management
Upload your parts list to validate and clean up your BOM in seconds. Plus, save your bill of Materials after production planning to make reorders of products a breeze.
key features
Request A Quote
Don’t see what you want with your bill of materials software instant quote? Submit an RFQ, and our procurement specialists will go to work finding the electronic components you need.
Upload a BOM (bill of materials) or parts list today
Get instant quotes or let our sourcing team help supply chain management, by searching for readily available and hard-to-find parts and negotiate prices on your behalf.
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