Introducing SourcePortal: The Comprehensive Guide to Your Order History

All your orders with Sourceability are now in one place! Review tracking and shipment information or reorder previous shipments digitally through SourcePortal.

Sourceability customers are getting a Sourcengine account! For buyers and other procurement experts that purchase electronic component stock through Sourceability, it’s time for your digital boost with SourcePortal.

What is SourcePortal?

SourcePortal is your doorway to Sourceability’s digital electronic component distribution experience via our e-commerce platform, Sourcengine. Sourcengine is one of the largest e-commerce sites for electronic components worldwide. Now, all Sourceability buyers can buy components online and review their entire order history no matter how or where they placed the order with SourcePortal.

What does a Sourcengine account give buyers? Purchase history information for all Sourceability customers is now available for you to view whenever you need to review and repurchase. Information on orders you place, regardless of how you placed them, will be accessible through a simple login-in rather than by calling your sales representative.  

Don’t worry; your sales representative isn’t going anywhere. If you need to contact your rep, your account will be connected to them, so you’ll get the support you need whenever and wherever through the portal or your representative

Beyond order information, SourcePortal comes with many digital benefits for Sourceability buyers. The dashboard features are easy to understand and simple to use. Buyers can quickly search for necessary parts via MPNs with Sourcengine’s fill-in search bar. Users will instantly receive a litany of offers filtered by manufacturer, lifecycle status, RoHS complaint, or exact matches.  

When you find the stock you need, you can quickly add it to the cart and check out in our streamlined process without hassle. Additionally, Sourcengine is integrated with our BOM management tool Quotengine. So, if your parts list contains thousands of parts, rather than searching or buying stock component by component, you can upload your BOM and have Quotengine quickly present a list of offers for each component, filtered if necessary to your specifications.  

Purchasing is much the same, but you can add all to the cart with one click or select a few from your BOM to add. If you need approval before committing to a purchase, you can save your cart and share it with other team members before clicking buy.  

If you can’t find what you need, you can send an RFQ through Sourcengine and one of our global experts will quickly deliver you a personalized quote. RFQs on Sourcengine generally arrive faster than if done through your sales representative offline through Sourceability.  

As a digital distributor of electronic components, Sourceability continually strives to embrace digital tools and digitized workflows to make electronic component procurement easy for our customers.

Check out our user guide to learn how to get started!

Thank you for working with Sourceability!

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Sourceability® is a global distributor of electronic components offering digital tools, services, and data through the power of technology to meet customers’ evolving demands. Sourceability combines global distribution expertise with the only true e-commerce marketplace in the industry, working with the most extensive catalog of suppliers to provide the transparency, robust data, and speed that customers need to create a seamless procurement process.

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