Sourceability® Announces AS6081 Certification to Expand Aerospace and Defense Service Offerings

The global electronic component distributor uplevels Department of Defense credibility through increased security and reduced risk exposure

MIAMI, FL – April 30, 2024Sourceability, a global distributor of electronic components and supply chain service provider, today announces its official certification of AS6081, signaling the company’s ambitions to expand its services in the aerospace and defense sectors.

Created in response to a significant increase in fraudulent and counterfeit electronic parts entering the aerospace and defense supply chains, the AS6081 certification is a requirement of the Department of Defense (DoD) for distributors of EEE parts. According to the American National Standard Institute (ANSI), this rigorous standard is one of the most recognized and respected standards in the aerospace industry. The requirements set in AS6081 are critical to reducing risks associated with counterfeit parts re-entering the supply chain.

Sourceability’s certification process began with the successful implementation of AS9120 (Quality Management Systems – Requirements for Aviation, Space & Defense Distributors) in 2023. The AS9120 certification includes ISO 9001 guidelines and specifies additional requirements related to the aerospace industry applicable to distributors. Through this significant achievement, Sourceability has established a strong Quality Management System (QMS), which is consistently capable of providing products and services that meet or exceed customer requirements. Soon after, the team began pursuing the AS6081 certification (Fraudulent/Counterfeit Electronic Parts: Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, and Disposition –Distributors), which mainly consists of a rigorous set of requirements related to procurement, external provider management, inspection, test & evaluation, reporting, and material control of EEE parts to mitigate the risk of buying, receiving, and selling fraudulent and counterfeit parts.

“Our quality, sales, procurement, and operations team members have become experts in awareness and compliance of both the AS9120 and AS6081 standards,” said Bessy Estrada, Quality Management System Manager at Sourceability. “Obtaining the AS6081 certification will open new doors for Sourceability as demand for electronic components continues to grow.”

Customers can be confident that when they procure components from Sourceability, they will be protected from potentially harmful parts entering their aerospace and defense supply chains. The AS6081 standard contains specific avoidance requirements and inspection methods including sample size to be used, specific tests to be performed (such as X-Ray, X-RF, and De-capsulation), acceptance/rejection criteria, and documentation requirements. These methods ensure that all products entering and exiting the supply chain through Sourceability are not only authentic but that the risk of nontraceable material has been mitigated by the unwavering commitment to counterfeit mitigation and quality control.


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Sourceability® is a global distributor of electronic components and supply chain service provider offering digital tools, services, and data with the power of technology to meet customers’ evolving demands. Sourceability combines the expertise of global distribution with the leading e-commerce marketplace in the industry and works with the largest catalog of suppliers to provide the transparency, robust data, and speed that customers need to create a seamless procurement process. The company’s global distribution centers in Singapore, Hungary, and Miami and logistics center in Hong Kong are supported by regional offices to maintain a holistic understanding of customer supply chain needs. Sourceability continues to build upon its initial success since the company was founded in 2015 by harnessing innovation, customer empowerment, and integrity. 


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