Sourceability® Launches Sourcengine™ Browser Extension to Provide Marketplace Insights on Electronic Components

MIAMI, FL – September 19, 2023Sourceability, a global distributor of electronic components and supply chain service provider, today announced the launch of its Sourcengine Browser Extension. Using the Browser Extension, users can see Sourcengine’s electronic component global marketplace accessing 3,500+ suppliers while visiting any electronics websites to compare prices, providing them with a comprehensive view of the market. 

The browser extension helps to reduce the time that procurement professionals spend finding electronic components to build their latest product. With the browser extension, customers are able to consolidate prices and available inventories across websites into one place without disrupting their workflow patterns. 

Additionally, unlike aggregator sites, which only show price and inventory data, the browser extension provides additional supply chain data that is not readily available elsewhere. 

The browser extension combines the analytical power of Sourceability's Datalynq™ tool with insights from Sourcengine's extensive global inventory. It generates metrics such as Market Availability Scores, MultiSource Availability Scores, and Design Risk Scores, enabling users to make informed decisions when selecting competitively-priced components online.

“We are always looking for new ways to streamline processes for our customers,” said Jens Gamperl, CEO and Founder of Sourceability. “Sourcengine’s Browser Extension provides a 360-degree view of the current marketplace for a given part, saving users time from scouring the web to find the best deal for their company.”

To access the browser extension, users can log into the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge plugin stores and install the plugin into their browser bar for free. The Browser Extension will read the data from a webpage, capture the Manufacturer Part Number, and provide the corresponding data back from Sourcengine. Once ready to purchase, users will be forwarded to the Sourcengine Part product detail page for check out. 

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About Sourceability:

Sourceability® a global distributor of electronic components and supply chain service provider offering digital tools, services, and data to meet customers’ evolving demands. Sourceability combines the expertise of global distribution with the leading e-commerce marketplace in the industry, and works with the largest catalog of suppliers to provide the transparency, robust data and speed that customers need to create a seamless procurement process. The company’s global distribution centers in Singapore, Hong Kong, Hungary, and Miami are supported by regional offices to maintain a holistic understanding of customer supply chain needs. Sourceability continues to invest in new capabilities, building upon its initial success since the company was founded in 2015 by harnessing innovation, customer empowerment, and integrity.

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