Sourceability welcomes Taiwan Chinsan, FN-Link, and PCTEL to its franchise lines

Sourceability is proud to announce Taiwan Chinsan Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd. (Elite), FN-link Technology, and PCTEL have joined its world-class franchise lines.

Sourceability is proud to announce that Taiwan Chinsan Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd. (Elite), FN-link Technology, and PCTEL are part of its world-class franchise lines. These new partnerships will enable the company to bring outstanding capacitance, connectivity, and wireless products to our customers without geographical restrictions.

Thanks to our world-class logistics network, we can move parts across the globe with no geographical restrictions.

Here is a little more info on how our partnership with Taiwan Chinsan, FN-link, and PCTEL can help OEMs, CMs, and EMS companies thrive, even amid the unprecedented challenges currently affecting the semiconductor industry.

Taiwan Chinsan’s Capacitors Are Elite

When Taiwan Chinsan (Elite) opened its doors in 1970, it came to the global marketplace with a simple goal; to create a strong business by selling high-quality electrolytic capacitors.

Its leaders also strived to establish a company culture that prioritizes innovation. Over time, the company’s drive to break new ground led to it developing an extensive portfolio of capacitance products with applications in rapidly-growing sectors like automotive, white goods, civic infrastructure, data center, and renewable energy.

Ultimately hard work paid off: engineers worldwide know Taiwan Chinsan’s products are elite.

The manufacturer’s KJ series radial lead capacitors are ideal for NPIs that require a robust and long-lasting solution. The line is incredibly robust and can operate for 12,000 hours at 105°C.

Moreover, it has a high voltage range of 160VDC to 450VDC.

The product family features a small form factor that makes them ideal for use in space-constrained projects.

FN-link Technology Puts Customer Satisfaction First

FN-link Technology has established a reputation as a best-in-class provider of connectivity products over the last 14 years.

The firm’s skilled and talented design teams continuously work to develop new antennas, UWB products, and AIoT modules at the cutting-edge of the industry. Because of its ISO-certified information management system, its leaders in Shenzhen can continuously assess the output of its Liuyang City factory even though those facilities are almost 500 miles apart.

Though FN-link Technology’s catalog is impressive and extensive, its newly released 6161B-R loT Module is a real standout.

The component has a sleek 13mm x 15mm x 2.5mm footprint and supports all packet types, including primary and enhanced data rates. Even better, the HS-UART complaint device supports BDR, EDR, and BLE Bluetooth connections for maximum design versatility.

The 6161B-R IoT Module has those features because its manufacturer puts customer satisfaction first at every phase of design and production.

PCTEL’s Tackles Design Challenge at Lightning Speed

PCTEL, headquartered in Bloomingdale, Illinois, is a global brand that resolves design challenges with state-of-the-art solutions.

The company has harnessed a quarter-century of wireless sector experience to produce unmatched-quality antenna products and industrial IoT devices. Since its NPI development process involves close collaboration with its customers, its portfolio is filled with products that address real-world design complexities.

For that reason, its offerings have applications in the public safety, military & defense, and transportation sectors and can stand up to deployment in the most challenging environments.

In early 2022, PCTEL introduced its public safety network testing solution to help first responders work more efficiently.

It enables emergency response teams to test their voice and data communications equipment. The innovative tool also auto-generates the reports from government agencies as FCC require automatically to simplify redesign and NPI development workflows.

That means the solution enables fire and rescue workers to enter the field with gear they can trust.

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