Sourceability welcomes NIC Components, PEC-Coil, and SSSTC to its franchise lines

Sourceability is happy to welcome NIC Components Corporation, Providence Electronics Corp. (PEC-Coil), and Solid State Storage Technology Corporation (SSST) to its franchise lines. Learn more about these three manufacturers and their products.

Sourceability is proud to announce that NIC Components, Providence Electronics Corp. (PEC-Coil), Solid State Storage Technology Corporation (SSST) have become part of our world-class franchise lines. By adding these brands to our ranks, we can continue to provide our customers with even more high-quality components. Thanks to our extensive global logistic network, we can ship our partners’ products around the globe with maximum expediency.

Here is a closer look at these three exceptional manufacturers and their offerings.

NIC Components Specializes in Passive Component Versatility

Over the last 37 years, NIC Components has built itself into a leading provider in the passive component space.

It integrated and carefully refined its design and production resources to create an outstanding range of capacitors, filters, resistors, transformers, inductors, and circuit protection devices. The company has assigned engineers to directly monitor work at its factories to ensure production quality and new technology implementation.

One reason NIC stands out from the pack is the versatility of its product portfolio. It has an array of aluminum electrolytic, ceramic, double layer, tantalum, and film capacitors in stock. Even better, the firm boasts some of the best lead times in the industry despite the current challenges of the semiconductor landscape. Plus, the company made a point to fill its catalog with passives that are alternates for products offered by Yageo, Vishay Intertechnology, TT Electronics, and many other manufacturers.

PEC-Coil is Committed to Continual Evolution

Since its founding in the early 21st century, PEC-Coil has focused on growing its business and optimizing its output.

In its early years, the firm strived to become a first-rate provider of magnetic/inductive components. Because of its passion for continual improvement, it quickly established itself as a global player in high current power electronics. But as time went on, the company expanded its catalog to suit the ever-changing needs of the marketplace. It now offers a variety of microelectronics with applications in the automotive, consumer electronics, industrial, and medical equipment fields.

PEC-Coil also understands that customer satisfaction is the key to building any business. Accordingly, it invested resources in establishing three central manufacturing hubs and several satellite production facilities. By betting on itself, the company ensured that it could meet demand for its innovative portfolio.

SSST Produces High-Performance Solid-State Solutions

SSST, a Kioxia Holdings company, commenced operations more than 30 years ago as a Lite-On Technology’s optoelectronics unit. In the mid-90s, it entered the optical storage market and found significant success thanks to its vertical integration strategy. It found success by creating products with superior performance thanks to its closely aligned firmware design and hardware development.

The provider’s holistic R&D methods proved equally effective when it began making solid-state storage products in 2008. Today, SSST offers a selection of cutting-edge enterprise/data center, FinTech, transportation, surveillance, business, and consumer SSDs.

The company also offers a host of industrial-grade solutions because of its robust testing facilities. Its evaluation infrastructure enabled it to create storage products that can withstand extreme temperatures and rigorous shocks and vibrations. Its robust electronics support ATM kiosks, telecommunications infrastructure, in-vehicle computers, and fleet management networks.

SSST is dedicated to using its state-of-the-art resources to find high-performance solutions for the world’s greatest storage challenges.

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