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About OMRON Corporation

OMRON Corporation is a leading manufacturer of factory automation solutions, electronic components, and automotive equipment. It began operations in 1933. The company functions from its base in Kyoto, Japan, and it has more than 28,000 employees. OMRON has a presence across the globe, including South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, the US, Canada, China, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, South Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Austria, and Denmark. The firm’s operations also span across Belgium, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands.

What types of products does OMRON offer?

The firm’s diverse portfolio includes a range of switches such as key lock switches, rotary switches, keypad switches, toggle switches, DIP switches, and rocker switches. It offers a broad spectrum of sensors like proximity sensors, infrared sensors, rotary position sensors, linear position sensors, and temperature sensors. The manufacturer provides a range of optoelectronics such as solid-state relays, slotted switch-transistor outputs, visible LEDs, optocoupler-transistor outputs, photo ICs, optical position encoders, and LCDs. The fiber optics range includes amplifiers, receivers, switches, and transmitters. The interconnect line from the corporation consists of headers and edge-type connectors, military connector accessories, D-type connectors, circular connectors, sockets, and chip carriers. These products are applicable in industrial automation, social systems, mechanical components, and the healthcare industry.

What are some examples of outstanding OMRON products?

The manufacturer provides a line of PCB power relays through its G2RL-1 series. These electronic components are available in single and double pole varieties. They have an operating temperature ranging between -40 deg. C and +85 deg. C. Following are some other electronic parts that the corporation offers:

C2U: this device is a push-button switch that is easy to grip. It is applicable in medical equipment like X-ray machines. The component adheres to RoHS standards. Its snap-action mechanism makes the operation effortless. The ambient operating temperature range extends from -10 deg. C to +40 deg. C.

SS-5: it is a subminiature basic switch that provides reliability and security. It has two split springs that ensure stability and durability for 30,000,000 operations. Its rated voltage is 125 VAC and has a resistive load of 5 A.

J-7-V: this electronic component is an ultra-subminiature basic switch capable of a large-capacity load of 7 A. It is a snap-action switch for operating at a rated voltage of 250 VAC despite the compact size. It adheres to RoHS standards. The device is suitable for applications when there are constraints on installation space and weight.

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