Accelerate hardware development with Surcle

Need help determining the scope of your project from design to production? Surcle™ is for you.

Your roadmap to faster hardware development with a custom "Playbook".

No matter what stage of development you’re in, Surcle™ utilizes a proven network of contract manufacturers, engineers, and designers  to provide you solutions tailored to your project needs.

Your time is valuable

Do you want the best qualified engineers, designers, and manufacturers for your project?

Your project is adaptable

Worried about finite resources, mid-cycle priority shifts, or other unforeseen constraints?

Your roadmap is secure

Don’t let your project get derailed by unknown, unseen blockers.

Why Surcle


Surcle™ accelerates hardware development.  Put simply, our mission is to bring hardware to the market. Faster!


Surcle™ was created with the vision of bringing agile methodology to hardware. Surcle’s unique ecosystem provides end-to-end solutions in every stage of hardware development.


Surcle™ utilizes a global network of contract  manufacturers, engineers, and design houses to provide services  tailored to any projects’ needs.

The Surcle Development Cycle

BOM Tool


  • Problem Statement
  • Market Analysis
  • Project Scope
  • Proof of Concept

Design & Engineering

  • Product Requirement Document (PRD)
  • Design Features
  • Engineering Specs
  • Hardware/Software/Firmware
  • Modeling & Analysis
Immediate Order Confirmation


  • Engineering Validation Test
  • Design Validation Test
  • Product Validation Test
  • Product Market Fit
Scheduled Delivery


  • Market Condition Scaling
  • Mass Production

The Surcle ecosystem of engineers and partnerships saves time and resources

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