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Accelerate product development
with Surcle's hardware development services

No matter what stage of product development you’re in, Surcle utilizes a proven network of contract manufacturers, engineers, and designers  to provide you with innovative solutions, including hardware solutions, tailored to your project needs.

Your time is valuable
Need help with a project from design to production? Do you require hardware solutions and electronic product development? Surcle accelerates hardware development. Put simply, our hardware development services bring hardware to the market. Faster!
Secure your roadmap
Worried about finite resources, mid-cycle priority shifts, or other unforeseen constraints? Are you struggling to find people in engineering, and development, such as electronic hardware development? Our network of manufacturers, engineers, and design houses to get you to the finish line on time.
Keep your project adaptable
Surcle was created with the vision of bringing agile methodology to hardware. Surcle’s unique ecosystem made up of our network of manufacturers, people in engineering, and designers provide end-to-end innovative solutions in every stage of electronic hardware development.
Our hardware development solution areas of expertise
internet of
Asset Tracking
Infrastructure Monitoring
SMART Metering
Home Automation
Autonomous vehicles
Asset Tracking
Connectivity Solutions
Automation +
Power Distribution Measurement
Water Metering
Remote Sensing
Building Management
Edge Computing
High-speed cam computing
Data & Networking Solutions
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